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Your car uses a complex array of parts. They work together to help you and your car stay cool in summer and warm in winter. When any of your car’s heating or cooling equipment goes wrong, it can have harmful effects on your car and make you, the driver, less comfortable. The design of modern cars gives you a constant flow of fresh air to keep you comfortable when driving with all the windows shut. This air enters your car through a large duct at the front, or through the grilles on top of your bonnet. Designers place the ducts and grilles in just the right position to force the air through at high pressure. From there, the air goes to the heater to warm you up when needed. Your car also includes an electric fan to cool you down when your car is stationary. Meanwhile, valves attached to a thermostat allow you to change temperature. In fact, the system includes many valves, hoses, clips, pumps, gaskets, an intercooler and more. Everyone of these parts, no matter how small, is vital to the efficient running of your engine. So when it is time to change any aspect of your car heating and cooling system with quality components, you can be sure that we will have exactly what you need.