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All our quotations, sales and deliveries are subject to the following terms and conditions and which shall form part of every contract for the sale or supply of goods by us the supplier to you the purchaser. Any alternation or addition shall not form a part of the contract unless agreed by a director or the Company prior to delivery. All goods are offered and sold as replacement parts only, manufacturers names, part numbers, pictures and illustrations are used for identification purposes only. All other terms proffered by the purchaser are excluded and the acceptance by you the purchaser of goods supplied by us the supplier shall be an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale to the exclusion of all others.

Old Units

Returns of old units can be arranged for collection from our own delivery service where possible, and for collection of old units where not possible, we can arrange for the collection via a carrier or postal service and all carriage charges will be the responsibility of Kwikstart. The sale of every unit is based on the exchange for the old unit.


No order shall constitute a contract until it has been accepted and confirmed by the company Director. Orders can be received by email or telephone, but if these are not confirmed by email or telephone, we will not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the order.


Normally quoted and held for at least 30 days but the right is reserved to alter without prior notice in case of Exchange rate fluctuations or duties between country of supply and Great Britain, or through the unforeseen Increases in raw material costs effecting product supplies. All prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax which will be charged at current rate prevailing at invoice date.


All inland orders will be despatched where possible by our own delivery service. For orders that cannot be delivered by our own delivery service, transport will be arranged by post or carrier of our choice unless otherwise instructed by you the purchaser. Charges for transport will be paid for by you the purchaser unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Payment Terms

All payments of goods/services supplied to credit account holders must be made no later than 30 days from the end of the month in which the goods/services were supplied, unless otherwise authorised in writing by a Director of the company. Payment of good/services supplied to nonaccount holders must be paid for immediately upon receipt or in the case of posted items, in advance of despatch.

Retention of Title

Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk, property in and title to the goods shall remain with us the supplier until us the supplier has received payment of the full price from you the purchaser. Non payment of goods can result in us the supplier requesting the purchaser to return the goods and shall have the irrevocable right to enter by it’s servant or it’s agents the customers premises where the goods are stored, or believed to be stored, for the purpose of possessing them. Us the supplier shall be entitled to use reasonable force for the purpose of exercising its rights of entry under this condition, and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the premises or property in the exercise of such rights.


The purchaser must inspect the packing and contents on arrival, any damage, shortages or goods incorrectly supplied are to be notified within 3 days and, if damaged, confirmed to both the carrier and ourselves. Claims for non-delivery of goods should be made in writing to us within 21 days from date of dispatch.


This is only possible after our written approval and agreement. The invoice number and date must be quoted against which any faulty goods or goods no longer required, are being returned. Any goods supplied according to customer’s order and then returned will incur a minimum handling charge of 20%. Goods cannot be accepted for credit if returned more than one year from date of invoice. This does not affect your statutory rights. The customer shall be responsible for returning all “return” units subject to surcharges and any carriage charges incurred unless otherwise agreed in writing. Invoices incurring surcharges must be paid for in full within normal payment terms and a credit note will be issued when the old, corresponding unit is returned.


Kwikstart operates a “no-quibble” warranty procedure on all units whereby a returned unit will be credited in full or replaced Free of Charge. Completion of a warranty card must be produced and accompanied with the returned goods.

However, this warranty policy is conditional, subject to the following basic conditions:

  1. The unit will be considered within the warranty period if it is returned within 12 months from date of sale or 12,000 miles completed, whichever comes first. However, we realise that units may be held in stock by our customers before fitment, and we will always use discretion in such circumstances. In such instances, the company’s decision is final.
  2. The unit had been fitted correctly by a trained mechanic or auto electrician.
  3. The unit has not been stripped or part-stripped, abused, modified or tampered with in any way.
  4. The unit has been fitted to the correct vehicle application.
  5. If requested by a member of Kwikstart staff, proof of purchase must be provided.
  6. If requested by a member of Kwikstart staff, proof of mileage and relevant vehicle details must be provided.
  7. There are no evident or obvious physical signs for reasons of failure as described in the list below:
    • Ingress of engine oil, water etc,
    • Damaged or broken terminals due to over-tightening or loose connections on fitment.
    • Broken fixing brackets, or any sign of accidental damage to any part of the unit.
    • Damaged pinion teeth due to faulty ignition switch, incorrect ring gear / fly wheel.
    • “Burnt out” units, due to faulty ignition switch or relays.
    • Damage, wear and tear due to excessive use.
    • Please note — this is not an exhaustive list, and Kwikstart reserves the right to reject warranty on a returned unit at our discretion.
  8. In the event of dispute, the company’s decision is final.

Limitation of Liability

Kwikstart shall not in any way be liable or responsible for consequential loss, damage claim or labour claim liabilities of any kind whatsoever and howsoever arising in respect of products supplied by Kwikstart nor can we undertake to bear the cost of any work involved in refitting a new or repaired part.