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Our Vehicle Maintenance Service

Here at Kwik Start we provide a wide range of vehicle maintenance services to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and honest service. Please if you have any questions about our vehicle maintenance services just give us a call on:  0208 519 1920.

Preventative car maintenance and routine inspections can go a long way when it comes to keeping your car in peak condition. Following the manufacturer’s car maintenance schedule will save you time and money. When you adhere to vehicle maintenance guidelines, you are taking action against unwelcome damage and future costly repairs.We provide the best service in vehicle maintenance for cars, trucks, mini vans and large SUVs, only at Kwik Start.

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When you take your car for a service, for the great majority of cars, the mechanic will use a diagnostic tool to see if there are any recorded problems.

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MOT + Servicing

We offer a full MOT and servicing service at a competitive price.

Car Electrical & Lighting Parts

We stock many parts for repairing and replacing electrics and lights in cars.

Engine Parts

If your engine is not quite running right or needs replacement parts, we stock and are able to fit a wide range of engine parts.


Here at Kwik Start, we provide air con servicing and gas refills.


We supply and fit brakes for all makes and models, covering all brands.

Car Transmission

Suspect your clutch might be slipping? Or have no drive at all? Have it checked by one of our experienced technicians.

Steering and Suspension

Suspension is the system of tyres, tyre air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two.


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